GDPR, ISO27001


Restrict Processing

You can request to block processing your data. Upon your request, we will no longer process your data.

Be Informed

Privacy note emphasising transparency over how we use your personal data.


Confirmation that your data is being processed, provide you with access to your personal data and other supplementary information.


Ability to object the processing of data based on legitimate interests, direct marketing, and processing for the purpose of research and statistics.

Data Portability

Access to your personal data at anytime upon request. You will be able to move, copy or transfer your data without hindrance.


Entitlement to correct any incorrect data. We will inform any third party that has access to your data through our partnership and business relationship.


Ability to get your personal data be removed where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing.

Automated Decision

Safeguards are provided against the risk that a potentially damaging decision is taken without human intervention.

Asset Management

Maintain a single inventory of information asset groups and ownership: hardware, software, information database, service and other assets.

Communications and Operations

Our processes and activities are secure and clearly identify inputs and outputs. A detailed procedure defines the work that needs to be done, by who and under what circumstances. Authority and responsibility are attributed.

Information Systems Management

Our information security management system includes all policies, procedures, plans, processes, practices, roles, responsibilities, resources and structures used to protect and preserve information. 

Business Continuity

The business continuity plan that recognises potential threats to the organisation and analyses what impact they may have on day-to-day operations. A way to mitigage these threats, putting in place a framework which allows key functions of the business to continue even if the worst happens.


Ensure information is kept confidential, integral, authentic and reliable. We will make information available to the duly owners on demand.

Human Resources

Ensure that all employees, contractors and third party users are aware of information security threats and concerns, their responsibilities and liabilities, and are equipped to support organisational security policy in the course of their normal work, and to reduce the risk of human error.

Physical and Environmental

Physical security will allow us to protect information - material: hardware, information media and - intangible: spoken words and shown data on screens and posters, from physical threats: unauthorized access, unavailabilities and damages caused by human actions, and detrimental environmental and external events.


Enable identity and authentication solutions, use appropriate access controls, implement and use industry-recommended antimalware solutions, address the need to encrypt all customer data, review penetration testing and threat modeling processes, log security events, be able to determine the root cause of incidents, train all staff in cybersecurity issues, keep service and server inventory current and up-to-date, maintain clear server configuration with security in mind. 

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